"The shadows around me are darker than you know."
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drifting & dreaming
a place for you to fall

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JJ & Benedict.

That’s effing terrifying.

Which bit? The Cumberstare or the Wild Chris Pine appearing?

I would be terrified seeing that face, and it not getting in my bed.

Agreed, if he looked at me, my clothes would just fall off instantly.

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a zoo of dogs dressed up as other animals

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but why are crop tops more expensive than normal tops

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Someone photoshopped Aziz Ansari’s face onto these classic rap albums and it’s absolutely glorious.


Ashton + body details.


Ashton + body details.
I felt utterly weak. Like I needed somebody to come in and 
rescue me. I hate that feeling.
I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful.

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